Hi there, my name is Sabine Reich. I am a Postdoc in Communication at the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research, University of Bremen. My research spans questions of media use, representation, and effects. In my most recent projects, I look at sexism online and its impact on the gender gap in political engagement and action, media as coping tools for adverse affective states, and questions of information processing. I am interested in womens' role in politics and science and their effect on media users. I am especially interested in entertainment media’s representation of social reality and have a thing for music’s role in identity building.

I employ experimental designs and surveys in most of my work, and am interested in repeated measures, qualitative approaches, as well as content analysis. I am an advocate of open science practices in my research and my teaching. I teach in all my research areas and at all levels and am certified in higher-education teaching.

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  • Gender and political and social action
  • Media use and coping
  • Media effects
  • Dr. phil. Media and Communication Research, 2016

    University of Mannheim

  • MA in Communication, 2010

    University of Erfurt

  • BA in Communiction, 2007

    University of Erfurt

Recent Publications

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(2023). No Likes – no control? Examining the role of social anxiety and coping deprivation in social media ostracism. Behaviour & Information Technology.

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(2022). Genderbasierte Diskriminierung in der Klimawandeldebatte auf Twitter.. Nachhaltigkeit als Gegenstand und Zielgröße der Rezeptions- und Wirkungsforschung: aktuelle Studien und Befunde.

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